Sabon Lavender

Sabon Body Gel Polisher - Lavender

A fragrant exfoliating liquid body soap Contains crushed rice granules to cleanse & exfoliate skin in one...

300ml/10oz €36.90
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Sabon Shower Oil - Lavender

A subtly-scented, deeply moisturizing liquid body soap Contains essential oils from Olive, Avocado, Jojob...

500ml/17.59oz €43.90
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Sabon Bath Foam - Lavender

A richly-textured, heavenly-scented bath foam Rich in essential oils & natural ingredients to nurture bod...

375ml/12.6oz €34.90
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Sabon Bath Salt - Lavender

A mineral-rich, subtly-scented bath salt Contains Dead Sea Salts, packed with over 26 essential minerals ...

350g/12.3oz €41.90
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